Monday, January 28, 2008

An angel baby and her sweet big sister

I'm loving photographing these sweet newborns! They're so much fun and just so adorable! Today, I met baby C and her adorable big sister J. Both girls are just stunning, and to see their mommy, it's so easy to know how they got that way!!!

Baby C was a typical know the kind that usually sleeps all day and then when you want them to, they decide that it'd be better to hang out and just be awake all day instead! We did get some great images of her with her big beautiful eyes wide open, so there's zero complaining from me. She's just absolutely precious!

C's big sister J...Oh my goodness. What a sack of sugar she is! She was posing and "modeling" for me. I had such a great time capturing her little personality and then I got to relive both the girls again tonight as I was editing their images! What a great day!!! I wish I could post more of C and J's images, but you'll all just have to settle for the teaser.

I have my last newborn session later on in the week. I'll post those when they're all complete, too. Be on the lookout for C and J when I post a sample of what I'm using these images for. It's SO cool!

Enjoy the little preview for right now!

Until later,


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