Monday, October 27, 2008

One of my favorite babies in my new studio space!

Did you know that I'm running an amazing special in November? I'm donating 15% of my gross sales to Gilda's Club in honor of a friend of mine who's fighting breast cancer. She's going to win, I know, but it still hits too close to home for me. This is the least I can do for her!

So, that being said, I've begun moving myself into my amazing studio space at the Orchard Mall in West Bloomfield. Today, I got to spend a little bit of one on one time (well as one on one as you can sister was there!!) with my nephew G.

When I say that G is one of my all time favorite babies, I'm serious. This little guy had me from hello. Whenever I see him, my face lights up and I just get all soft and mushy. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way. I love this kid!

These are just a few of him. I know they're similar poses but his expressions are priceless. I firmly believe that he's probably one of THE happiest, fattest, squishable babies ever!

Enjoy "Heavy G!" I know I do!

Until next time,

Monday, October 20, 2008

R and A's sneak peak

Yesterday after an afternoon of shooting at Baby Loves Disco in Pontiac, I got to work with R and A. From the moment I first saw A, I wanted to shoot with her. She's adorable! Only yesterday was I able to find out just how cute she really was!

She's totally a bundle of energy! So not shy and just a whirlwind of activity! What an absolute sweetheart - she felt right at home in front of the camera and had her own ideas of what I should be shooting. See the two peace signs? That was A's idea! And the monkey bars, too! That was A's money shot!

She was giggling and laughing the whole session (well, almost the whole session!!!). She even brought along her new best friend, Miley. Miley was cracking all of us up and was the icing on the cake. What a perfect ending to a beautiful weekend!

I know you'll be seeing more of A, hopefully on my website, shortly!

Until next time,

Friday, October 17, 2008

My recent session

So, not so much of a sneak peak here. But this is a recent session of a couple of cuties. One just happens to be my daughter and the other is the daughter of one of my best friends. We had to go out and shoot in these adorable new "petti's" that I bought. I think they're so cute and add so much of a "girly girl" feel. Plus I thought these two totally acted like sisters! They were holding hands, then arguing, then giggling the whole time! Back and forth, back and forth...just like sisters do!

So, just had to share these. I'll be shooting some more adorable kids on Sunday (10/19) at Baby Loves Disco. This is such a fun event! This month, it's at the Crofoot in Pontiac from 1-4 pm. Come and see me!

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A's 9 month session sneak peak

Can you believe how big she's grown! She's a little doll! Whenever I go over to the house, she's always full of smiles. Her mom even said "She REALLY likes you!" How great did I feel after that!!!??? :)

Well, here she is - at 9 months. What a cutie! Her eyes get bluer and bluer each time I photograph her and her little personality is just so very sweet! Gosh, I feel like I'm gushing whenever I talk about her.

There's really not that much more I can say about this little one...I've said it all over and over for the past nine months. What am I going to do after her next session??? Her baby plan is up in January and then I'll be going through A withdrawals! So, I guess for now, I'll just have to enjoy her (and all of her adorableness) in these precious images!

OH! And by the way...this last image is my all time favorite of her that I've posted here!! So, so, so cute!!!

Until next time,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The T family's sneak peak

I love these guys! I've known C and C since they were born and they're like my own kids. When A called me and asked me to photograph her family, I immediately said YES! I love working with her and her amazing husband, J. We always have a blast when we work together.

C is a budding little model and is so darned creative - we were able to take a bunch more of her that aren't getting posted here...You'll have to check out the Frameable Faces group on Facebook to see those!! She's an amazing dancer and is so much fun to be around. Little C is all boy. Completely full of energy and continually makes me laugh...even when he's "acting up!" I love this image of describes his attitude of our session this time to a "T!" But then, he turns that little frown upside down and is full of sweetness and amazing expressions!

So, that's it for right now! More to come soon!! Thanks for checking in...

Until next time,