Saturday, July 31, 2010

Google gets "image conscious" - Here's a fun game - wanna play?

Google recently updated the Google "images" search engine, and since I spend a decent amount of time on the Internet researching new ideas for Frameable Faces Photography, checking out blogs, and yes - finding artwork to fill in my cover flow blanks in my iTunes using Google images, it occurred to me that while I don't think I love the new "images" format so much it could make for a very fun game to pass around...

Go to google, click on images in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and google yourself. The game is to find out 1) how many images show up in the results before you actually see a picture of yourself, 2) what is the picture of you a picture from, and 3) what is the most ridiculous image or images that appear in the results before you actually show up? This could be fun to do on facebook and feel free to tag 5 friends to see what their results are... In Frameable Faces terminology I guess you could say that this is Google's search engine measure of how Frameable you are? I showed up in the 38th image in a picture from my 20th high school reunion with Julie (Garczynski) Lewis and Amy (Meneilley) Bloom. No idea how that showed up as the best result of me on the web - quite random... although I could have done much worse than being displayed with two beautiful girls! Oh and there was a picture of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings and one of Dick Cheney before they actually got to me.... Yeah yeah I know - I look a little like Gollum I'm sure. Save your comments... :-)

Have fun!!!!

- Doug