Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is she stunning or what???

So yesterday I spent four, YES FOUR, hours shooting L. She's an unbelivable senior model and I had the absolute BEST time photographing her. I've officially made up my mind...Seniors are my favorite subjects to photograph!

L had another session right before mine and we agreed that we'd meet at her house to go over some outfits. We picked a bunch of great ones and we were off. We went to a construction site and the workers there were all about watching us work instead of doing theirs! I got to even shoot at my old high school, since she's a student there and captain of the Pom squad! OH! I almost forgot to add that she's a 4.0 student AND gorgeous, too! Talk about having it all!!!

I definitely have my favorites, and there's still more that I have to complete, but I thought I'd start you all off with these few. If you want to see the rest, add me as a friend on Facebook (Ally Levine Cohen) with a note letting me know who you are and browse away!!

Anyone else wanting to be a senior model? Let me know! I'm putting together a great Senior Rep program, too, if you're interested in chatting about that, too!

So, enjoy!

Until next time,


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Princess A

It's taken me awhile to get her up here on the blog - about a day longer than I usually like, but I've been searching and working on being able to upload small web galleries to the blog. I wanted A's to be the first one, but I got antsy. Either way, I'm going to do it, but for now this will have to do!

This is the third time that I've worked with A and her amazing parents! They're like part of the family already! I LOVE going over there to work with them! They really are great. So for this session, Princess A was still sleeping when I got there, but when she woke up...Wow! Was she happy!!! Now these are just a few of the many amazingly adorable images that I have of her. You'll have to wait until I get this web gallery thing figured out! More stories about my fun session with this little princess to come when I get the gallery up!

Until next time,


Monday, August 4, 2008

The S kids!

Ok, so let's try this out for size. This is just a very temporary fix. So, without further adieu, I present you with H and J.

They crack me up! We had such a fun mini session. And we even got to break out a teeny tiny bit of potty talk - just to get J smiling! :) Love these guys!

So, for real now! Until next time,

I'm working on it!

I have two sessions that need to be posted here on the blog. I'm trying like mad to figure out a way to post mini "albums" so you all can see what I shot at each session. So, please, just give me a bit more time to sort all of this out. I've been consulting with a bunch of people on how to get this little thing up and running and I just can't figure it out! How frustrating!!!

So, please be a bit more patient with me and you'll be able to see the S kids in a cute and quickie photo session. And baby A - she's 6 months old now and is cuter than ever! Stay tuned for some great new images!!!

Thank you so much! Until next time (which will hopefully be VERY soon!),