Monday, October 20, 2008

R and A's sneak peak

Yesterday after an afternoon of shooting at Baby Loves Disco in Pontiac, I got to work with R and A. From the moment I first saw A, I wanted to shoot with her. She's adorable! Only yesterday was I able to find out just how cute she really was!

She's totally a bundle of energy! So not shy and just a whirlwind of activity! What an absolute sweetheart - she felt right at home in front of the camera and had her own ideas of what I should be shooting. See the two peace signs? That was A's idea! And the monkey bars, too! That was A's money shot!

She was giggling and laughing the whole session (well, almost the whole session!!!). She even brought along her new best friend, Miley. Miley was cracking all of us up and was the icing on the cake. What a perfect ending to a beautiful weekend!

I know you'll be seeing more of A, hopefully on my website, shortly!

Until next time,

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