Friday, November 9, 2007

Something for everyone who entered...

Because I know that if I were voting, I'd have a really hard time deciding who should win the contest, I'm going to do something for everyone who didn't "win." I thought that every child entered into the contest was very cute and I'd love to do photo shoots with all of you. So, that being said, I'm offering 1/2 off photo sessions to anyone who entered the contest. The only caveat is that the sessions MUST be held before December 30 of this year. So, if you'd be interested in having me come out and photograph your "Beautiful Baby", please send an email to and let me know when you'd like to schedule.

Thank you so much again for participating in the contest everyone! It was such a fun thing to do! I'm thinking that I may like to do one of these every quarter! Let me know what you think of that!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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