Thursday, November 8, 2007

Only about a half hour left....

Oh my gosh everyone! I just checked the polls and we're almost at 4000 votes! 4000!!! Unbelievable! That's so amazing - I'm so excited! Thanks to everyone who voted and told everyone to come to the blog to do so, too! It's looking like it's a close contest again....what else would you expect from a final round with six beautiful, adorable kids? I can't wait to see who's going to win.

I'll post the winners tomorrow afternoon, but you'll be able to see for yourselves at 11:59 tonight! I'll post what the winners won and then when their sessions are complete, I'll post a sneak peak here on the blog so you can see EXACTLY how beautiful they all are! I'm also going to do something special for all the entrants as well as the kids in the final round that weren't in the top three.

It's going to be a fun couple of weeks photographing these kids. I can't wait! Make sure you check back often to see the new cute kids that I've photographed.

On a sidenote, and completely unrelated...I had an engagement photo session earlier in the week with A and D. What an amazing couple! They were SO sweet and they really went above and beyond for me! Aside from the fact that D didn't want to sit on the ground, we got some amazing shots! I'm behind in editing and in posting the sneak peak since I was sick, BUT I promise to have a couple sneak peaks up tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you check back to see them!

Thanks again and I'll be in touch with the winners tomorrow! Good luck one last time!!!

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