Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ewan - another winner from the contest

Oh my goodness! Little Ewan was all smiles when I walked into his house for our session! He's just learning to walk and was standing up next to the couch with just a white onesie on. He's a little bruiser! So deliciously cute! He reached out for me to pick him up and snuggled right into me when I got there! It was like he'd met me before! A very social and sweet little boy.

We set up for our session and he was all about the camera. In almost every shot, he was looking right at me. It made for a really easy shoot! My favorite part of our time together was watching him pull the Santa hat off every time his mom tried to put it on! He just wanted no part of it! Luckily, we were able to distract him long enough to get a bunch of really cute shots. We also got some of him wearing red Converse high-tops. He looked absolutely adorable with his big red Santa hat on with just a diaper and these red shoes!

I hope you all enjoy Ewan's images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

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Ange said...

Ally! Thank you so much! Those are adorable and I'm super excited to see the rest now. Yay! See you again soon! =)