Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Wedding!

Ok...this was such a beautiful wedding to witness! The bride was beautiful and it was so much fun watching her get made up and ready by her sister in law, J. It's such a great thing to watch sisters-in-law that have a close relationship interact! Before the bride, S, went downstairs for the ceremony, she had a good friend bless her further. What an amazing site to see that was! The ceremony was filled with rich traditions and more blessings and was one of the more fun and interesting weddings I've seen. It's obvious that these two people are very much in love!

As I've said about the rest of the weekend, I had a terrific time with this family! I'm very honored and touched that I was asked to come back to photograph todays event.

Enjoy the sneak peak! Congratulations, S and S! I hope you have a beautiful life together!

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Anonymous said...

The couple is quite elegant together. This wedding is beautiful with the cuppah, obviously a Jewish wedding. Who is the couple?
(I am Jewish, that is why I was wondering)