Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey everyone!
My name is Amanda and I've just recently started working here at Frameable Faces, and I absolutely LOVE it!! I got lucky enough to assist Ally in a wedding shoot, and helped out at various studio sessions. Ally and Doug welcomed me into the Frameable Faces family, and it has been amazing. I hope to be a photographer as well someday so I feel Ally is the PERFECT person to shadow and learn from. Her work is simply awesome, and she puts so much effort into her photos really making them outstanding. Many people think photographers have it easy and have the best schedule...but watching behind the scenes I've learned that editing takes hours, and can sometimes take a few days to complete as well as the shoot itself (also traveling to the shoot & back, setting up/taking down, so on and so forth). I absolutely ADORE Ally & Doug (including Tony and Lacey) and appreciate all what they've done for me and I'm so excited to continue working for them! =] I'll update soon!

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