Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The G family...G for GORGEOUS!!!

And their last name, too, but GEEZ!!! What a beautiful family! These little girls are just simply stunning and their little brother??? OMG, what an adorable little boy! I actually had our intern say "I hope I have a little boy like that when I have kids."

B and J were loving up their photo session! B was all about being in charge. As an oldest child, I totally know where she's coming from! She was all about giving directions. And she did it with such a cuteness about her! She knew what she wanted and in turn, gave me some amazing images! What a face! Her and her sister, J, both...Faces of angels, I tell you!

J had a bit of a hard time when she got here to the studio with Nanni. But after a bit of warming up, she was ON! We'd totally bonded and I'd take her home in a sec, if Doug and her parents would let me!

A is just adorable. He has the most amazing brown eyes and was delicious. Could you just smush him??? Three words for Mr. A... Y. U.M.!

Mom and Dad, too. Just a truly beautiful family! And even without our intern starting just yet, we were able to get all of these baby beauties captured exactly how they are. They were great kiddos!

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