Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby A's 3 month session

Oh my gosh, I'm such a bad blogger these days! I promise to be better from here on out...Consider it my "remainder of the new year's" resolution. :)

So I had such a busy busy weekend! Beginning on Thursday, I shot a Bat Mitzvah and on Saturday I got to capture the party. I'll be posting images from both probably tomorrow. S was great and was a pleasure to work with.

Today, I got to play with Miss A again! This time it's for her 3 month session. If you look back to the beginning of January, you can see how much she's changed from her newborn session. What a pretty princess!

A is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. She's so sweet and cute and I'm in love with her BIG blue eyes! What a perfect little angel!

We've already booked her 6 and 9 month sessions, so I get to see A ALL year long! That makes me so happy! Plus I get to hang out with her amazing parents (who I feel like I've known forever. You know how you just really "connect" with some people and you just really like them? Well, that's A's parents!). And I get to get slobbered by Porter! I love Porter! Maybe by the time A is 6 months, I'll be able to get some images of her with him.

So, enjoy baby A. And check back here tomorrow for the images from the Bat Mitzvah from this weekend, too. After I'm done posting that, I'll fill you all in as to why I've been totally slacking on my blog. It's ALL good, so there's kind of a good reason for it...ok, not really, but I'm trying here! :)

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