Friday, June 19, 2009

The "A" Family's Sneak Peak

A few weeks ago, I met a really nice lady who walked into the studio and asked me about photographing her, her husband and their grandchildren. Today, they all came in and did we ever have a great time.

"H" had all of us laughing through out the entire session with his awesome sense of humor. He is truly in love with his wife and it was really pretty special for me to see this family at work. "E" tried really hard to reign in all the boys (H included!) to get some really great images for her wall. Well, it worked and we got a bunch of great ones.

"A" and her younger brother "J" totally reminded me of my own kids. It was so funny to see how they related to each other and even though "J" thought it burned when I asked "A" to put her arm around him, I could totally tell that he really does love her!

Then there was "J" and "J". What a couple of amazing little guys! Big "J" was just about the sweetest young man EVER and was such a trooper. He kept going and going even though he really wanted to go down to Toys 3! Little "J", I think I totally fell in love with. There was at least two times that I counted that he came up to me and grabbed my legs from behind with a great big hug.

Don't even get me started on how fabulous all these kids moms were. WOW!!! It was pretty easy to see how these boys and one young lady got to be as wonderful as they are.

I think I can honestly say that when they came in at 9:30 this morning, they were clients. When they all left at about 12, they were friends.

Thank you so much, "A" family. I had a great morning! What a great way to kick off my weekend!!!

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