Sunday, May 31, 2009

J's senior mini session sneak peak

This is "J." He's a perfect example of a truly multi faceted person. He's an accomplished musician, active in his high school's band as the drum major and is incredibly smart and talented. We had a great time shooting together and he was such a trooper! We schlepped all over the exterior of the mall to scope out some great locations to work in and we found some nice ones...but those are going to remain hidden for just a little while longer!

J kept us steadily entertained by talking about his eclectic music tastes and even introduced us to a couple new bands that we'd never heard of before. Just another thing to add to the music wish list!

I can't wait to get to editing the rest of J's session - there are a ton of really nice images from his session...And I just can't get enough of his baby blues! **SWOON**

Until next time,

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