Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I had the cutest little girl in today!

So as I was sitting in the studio planning my marketing strategies for this year, cute little "A" strolled in with her sweet mom "J." We started chatting about a cute little sweater that A had on and then A spotted my pink petticoat "tutu's" hanging on the wall. We booked a session on the spot and tried to get some cute images. We were able to get a couple off before A decided that she'd had enough and crawled back into her stroller and started chilling out. This one is my favorite from our mini-mini session today. But she'll be back next week and we'll get lots more!

Isn't she just too cute???

Until next time,


Penny Kendall Photography said...

What a precious little cherub. Looks like you captured her personality so well.

Ganell Kopp said...

So cute. Fresh and fun looking!

Lori Alley said...

What an adorable little girl! I'm looking forward to seeing the images from her next session!