Sunday, December 9, 2007

The wait is over!

Here she is! I got to do Halie's photo session yesterday! She's the second place winner from the photo contest. What a cutie, don't you think???

The first time I got to "meet" Halie was at the Novi 50's Festival back in July. She was so cute that I used her image as the opening to the online gallery. She's still really cute and she's so sweet, too! She kept calling me Hally - she couldn't get that there was no "H" in my name! It was just too precious!
We took a whole bunch of images and she was such a trooper. Her mom had about 3 outfits to change into and Miss Halie let me take shot after shot of her in each one. True, we did have to do some bribing with suckers, cookies, donuts, etc., but she did it and was really good, too!

She was all excited because she's getting a Princess Bed from Santa this year. She's a big girl now, after all!

Enjoy this sneak peak - I think it's going to be rather difficult to pick from all of her awesome images. This little girl is a knock out! Oh, and did I mention that she has a big sister and a big brother who are equally as gorgeous! What I'd give to do a sibling shoot with these guys!!! ;)

Happy looking!!!


maryinutopia said...

I absolutely agree with you...would love to see Scott, Chelsea and Halie....great kids!

Ewan's Mommy said...

Oh my stars! Ewan & Halie have matching Christmas jammies! lol
Now THAT would be cuteness overload, shooting those two together. ;)
Halie is a doll! Love the photos!