Friday, September 28, 2007

Some contest questions - And so soon after it started!

Well, I'm excited that several people have already submitted images to me for the contest! I love seeing all the sweet faces in my inbox! It makes me smile and immediately puts me in an even better mood! Thanks and keep them coming!

So, I've received a couple questions already. One asking where the space is to vote on this blog thing here. To answer that one, there isn't a place to vote just yet. I'll need to get all the entries and I'll have a place to vote beginning on October 15th, likely sometime in the evening.

The second question was: Can I submit a picture of both of my kids together? No, unfortunately I'm not accepting images with more than one child. However, that is an excellent idea for the next contest! Maybe in January, I'll hold a "precious pairs" contest or maybe a "Super Sweet Siblings" contest. Food for thought.......

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