Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sneak a Peak at M's Bat Mitzvah!

I had the wonderful opportunity to share in this day with none other than Miss M. I had the BEST time photographing her, her family and friends. It was more like being a party guest than being the photographer documenting her special day. If all weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's were like this one, I'd do 2-3 per week! That's how much fun I had!!

After doing a beautiful job during the morning service, M. had a great party! Full of super creative things from a very cool "place card" 'table', to great table numbers, but I'd have to say my favorite was the custom painted bedroom door to have her friends sign as a reminder of the day! What an amazing array of ideas! And what a great group of people to deal with! I was whisked onto the dance floor by an uncle and kissed on the cheek by another! Wow!!!
Check out some of these images and then remember to keep checking for my new site which should be completed soon! I'll have some more images on the new site of M's day!


Anonymous said...

Totally beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous bat mitzvah girl! It looks like it was a really fun time!

Anonymous said...

Ally was AWESOME! So easy to work with and she really captured the day! How LUCKY we are to have found her! :)